Founder's Day!!

The purpose of this blog will be to share the highlights of recent events and current developments and also make announcements for what’s to come! It seems like there’s no better place and time to start our inaugural newsletter than to highlight our Founders Day event and share a little bit about CrossFit 10-99’s history. On November 11, CrossFit 10-99 celebrated Founders and Veterans Day with a spicy WOD and brunch. November of this year also marked the first anniversary of Tripp and Ashley taking over ownership, so the celebration covered a lot. No comment on what the best part was. JK it was the tacos. And no, hallmark doesn’t make a card that say “happy founders veterans first-anniversary-of-new-ownership day!”…we checked.

Although they were both in the Army, our faithful founders, Corey and Stoney, didn’t meet until they were members at CrossFit Hixson. I know, I know…the Army is a big place. Could also be because their time in the service was separated by a decade? It’d be a ROCKY road to tell you who served in the 90s, so I won’t. Also RIP CFH.

Before joining CFH, Stoney had tried CrossFit a few times while deployed and otherwise, but he’d never quite been able to understand the hype. In 2015, one of his buddies told him he should come try a class at CrossFit Hixson. In his words, “the first real class I went to was a team WOD, and I was like ‘I’m in. Where do I sign?’” Stoney will tell you CrossFit has saved his life many times, as his fitness has carried him through several hairy situations in his job and enabled him to recover more quickly when he inevitably broke a bone or two.

Corey’s catalyst into CrossFit came from his wife, Brooke, after she started CrossFit in 2010. He finally took the leap in 2013. “My first memory in CrossFit is failing at completing a WOD in time. It was called G.I. Jane. Brooke made fun of me. “ Gotta keep ‘em humble, right ladies? In his words, “what made me stay is a desire to stay competitive after playing sports in college and going to my level-one, which brought the whole idea together. Crossfit is the most complete look at fitness in the fitness realm. I competed in many sports and participated in powerlifting and bodybuilding, but Crossfit has identified the description fitness and health.”

Suffice to say we’re all thankful for what brought them to and kept them in CrossFit, and more importantly, for their service. Thank you both.

Enough about them. The workout.

Corey and Stoney each programmed one part of the two-part workout, separated by 5 minutes, which was really just the time you got to question your decision to come that day.

Founder’s Day 2022:

400m run buy-in

Then with a 20 min cap:

10 rounds of

Run 100m

9 power cleans

9 burpees

*Rest 5 min*

With a 20 min cap:

100 wallballs

5 wall-walks any time you break

400m run cash out

Let’s walk through the inner dialogue of an athlete here:

“400m run-ok we’re running. Little jog. It’s misty out. That’s kinda nice..I think? I don’t know it might start to suck. TBD

100m run—ok more running feels like we just did this but cool cool

9 power cleans—alright, well these feel nice. At least it’s not more running. But wait 10 rounds. 90 seems less nice.

9 burpees—not so bad. Would have maybe preferred 5…Ok realistically,

3 seems sufficient. “

Rounds 5+:

“The mist is an angel, and I love mist. Also CAN confirm that the amount of power cleans is A LOT and obviously already discussed how the burpees were too much…although the laying down part is nice…IS THE TIME CAP HERE YET?”

Rest 5 min: “if I leave now, would people notice? Would I get to have a taco? Probably no taco, and Tripp and Josh are standing outside talking. They’re gonna notice.

Ok I think I can do 50 wallballs unbroken..and did he really say that a break is any pause longer than one Minnesota? Wtf?”

“100 wallballs: ok i’m starting to think 40 seems like a nice number. Better than 50. Let’s do 40. Great. Did it. Oh hell wall walks. Wow I am uncoordinated. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t flip over. Lord help me do the wallballs bc I think I hate wall walks more. Why is Corey so angry at shoulders? Is it ALL shoulders he’s mad at? Bc I think some of us are collateral damage. Shoo. Ok done. Wow, I am Bambi now. Bambi with the broken shoulders great. Oh look another run because we need more of this today.”

Then, TACOS!

Same time next year? Great.

Alright, as for upcoming events, it’s short and sweet: we’re having a Christmas get-together on Thursday, December 15th, at 6:30pm in lieu of the WOD. BYOB and food! Just a little opportunity for fellowship and merriment. If you're reading this, We Love You and YOU'RE INVITED!

Til next time, team. Stay in pursuit.