Happy New Year! Here Comes the Open!!

Happy New Year! That plays this whole month, right? Right.

I’ll get right to it. The CrossFit Open starts next month.

What is it? For the elite, it’s the start of the long road of qualifications for the CrossFit Games. For the every-man/woman, the consistently-in-the-gym-but-I-also-have-a-regular-job, it’s three weekends in February-March, where we all workout on Friday nights instead of our normal workout times.

No but really what is it? And when? I guess I did promise you “open communication,” didn’t I? Between 2/16-3/6, CrossFit HQ will announce a workout on Thursday afternoons. Each workout will have several levels of difficulty, and athletes will workout in the presence of a judge(read: “rep counter”) to submit an official score into by the following Monday at 8pm.

Now if you’re thinking something like these:

  1. “I can’t do a regular pull-up, so why would I do the CrossFit Open.”

  2. “I don’t need anyone to judge me. I do enough of that myself.”

  3. ”I don’t want to workout in front of everyone. See point #2”

I hear you. For those of you that competed in or attended the Festivus competition in Red Bank last October, where our gym stole the show and the podium 😏, the CrossFit Open would be a VERY similar experience. Except BONUS—only one workout per day, instead of 5.

  1. There are scaling options. You will pick the workout version that best fits your skills and comfort level.

  2. The judge is really just monitoring for the movement standard. They’re making sure you hit parallel in your squats and stand all the way up in your deadlift. They’re not here to judge that you cheat in Monopoly. That’s between you and the Lord. ALSO, they count your reps, which is actually amazing, because when the oxygen to your brain starts to go elsewhere mid workout, you appreciate that Brandon knows whether you were on rep 13 or 14.

  3. Now, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but nobody cares. Everybody IN your workout heat is worried about the oxygen and the muscles and did I mention THE OXYGEN?! Everybody else is just happy to be there, happy it’s not their heat, happy about the beer in their hand, happy it’s Friday, and happy to cheer on anyone that’s going. I think everyone that competed in October can attest that they were not worried about anyone outside their lane while they worked out, and those on the sidelines were mostly just yelling enthusiastically.

The CrossFit Open is simply an annual measuring stick, but even so, you get to decide which ruler you measure yourself against. It’s an opportunity to compare you to you year over year, e.g. “last year I did all workouts as scaled. I’d like to get one RX workout this year.” Or “I’ve been working on my HSPUs, so maybe we’ll see those.”

CrossFit 10-99 will host Friday Night Lights each week for folks that are participating to be scored. First heat is at 5:45pm. Subsequent heats will follow immediately after until all participants have gone. The gym will open at 5:15pm. Many people workout then go grab food and beers to spectate and support. If this isn’t your year to compete, that’s ok too, we hope you’ll come hang out and cheer our athletes on! Friends and families are welcome.

There will be no Friday 6pm workout for those three weeks. We will have additional time allocated on Saturdays and Sundays each week for testing or retesting, but athletes planning to utilize one of those windows are responsible for coordinating with a judge/coach to be sure they’re accounted for.

Here’s the link for more information and to register!

Looking forward to it. Hope to see everyone at the gym on Friday nights!

Stay in pursuit.